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Pony Club Manuals – USPC offers three Manual of Horsemanship editions, Basics for Beginners (D-1-D-3), Intermediate Horsemanship (C-1-C-2), and Advanced Horsemanship based on the Standards of Proficiency that members will be moving through. Your club or center may have a copy of the manuals that can be checked out of the club or center library, but these books are a major resource for members as their riding and horse management skills grow. The manuals may be purchased from Shop Pony Club. Each member is required to have a copy of the United States Pony Club manual at their certification level. Shop Pony Club

Horse Management Handbook and Rules for Rallies – This handbook holds the rules for Horse Management at Pony Club competition and all Pony Club activities, including regular club and center meetings. In addition to the regulations for Rally, it also contains many of the charts, checklists, and other documents members will need for competition.  

Online Educational Resources – Members of Pony Club have access to online learning materials and opportunities that will increase their knowledge and help prepare them for their next level of achievement in Pony Club.  Members must be signed-in in order to access these pages.

These pages are accessed either from the members profile page in the "My Stuff" section or under the “Members” tab of the menu bar, then go to “Certifications”, then choose either “Local Level” for youth members who are working on their D-1 through C-2 levels, “Horsemasters” for Horsemasters members who are working on their D-1 through C-2 levels, or “National Level” for members working on their H-B to A levels.

Flash/Study Cards – Available for the D Level, C Level and the H-B Level, these decks of Flash Cards are a great way for members to prep for upcoming certifications.  Available through Shop Pony Club.

New Member Starter Kit – This is a great resource for any new member. Consider this an option to get off to a great start in Pony Club.  This kit includes: the USPC Manual of Horsemanship: Basics for Beginners "D" Standard, An Introduction to Horse Sports, a copy of the D Level Standards of Proficiency, the Horse Management Rulebook, a Safety Information Packet, a member pin, a window decal and a medical armband.  Available through Shop Pony Club.


​All members must complete a minimum of 20 hours per year volunteering at Pony Club events. Events can include fund raising events, community service and special projects. 

This page contains links to the Park City Pony Club Google Site and the National Pony Club websites for access to important information for Pony Club members and parents. 


Helmet – All members must wear a helmet when riding or working around a horse or pony.

Helmets must meet national or international standards.  In the United States, the helmet must be ASTM F1163 approved. For full details, see ATTACHMENT A TO POLICY 0125 SAFETY REQUIREMENTS FOR HELMETS.

Footwear – Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times when riding or working around horses.  (Refer to the Horse Management Handbook)

Unmounted Footwear should be thick-soled shoes or boots (short or tall) of sturdy construction in good condition. These boots should cover the ankle, be entirely closed, securely fastened and well-fitted to the foot.  Examples: paddock/jodhpur boots, rubber riding boots, rain boots/wellies, western boots. 

When mounted a conventional type of riding footwear with a heel is required, such as riding boots, paddock/jodhpur boots, or the equivalent.

Medical Armband/Bracelet – During any Pony Club activity, members must wear a either a Medical Armband or Bracelet. 

A Medical Armband must include a current completed copy of the individual's USPC Medical Card. It must be worn on the upper arm. If the member has small arms, he/she may safety pin the armband to his/her upper sleeve. Armbands are available for purchase from Shop Pony Club  Be sure to update and/or replace the Medical Card insert as needed.

Medical Bracelets must visibly list these five items on them: (a) Name and Date of Birth, (b) Emergency Contact Information, (c) Known Allergies, (d) Current Medications, and (e) Existing Medical Conditions. More information is acceptable, but these five items are required to be on the bracelet.

Pony Club Pin – Each member receives a pin when they join USPC in their New Member Packet.  Members are expected to wear they Pony Club pin at Pony Club activities and encouraged to show their Pony Club pride by wearing them at outside equestrian events. Additional or replacement pins can be purchased at Shop Pony Club.


Please see the links below for all Member Certification Material. 


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