Devoted to Safety

Pony Club members learn how to handle and work around their horse with safety and self-reliance under trained supervision. 

Learning, Building, Progressing

Pony Club members learn how to handle and work around their horse with safety and self-reliance under trained supervision. 

Confidence in the  saddle

Pony Club teaches a solid foundation of correct riding based on timeless classical principles: good balance & communication.  They develop into confident, thinking and effective riders, always with the horse’s best interests at heart. 

Not Just Riders,

but horsemen

Pony Club members gain an impressive depth of knowledge in equine behavior and training, health and fitness, nutrition and veterinary care, and the correct use and maintenance of equipment. Strong business skills are built through stable management: budgeting, record-keeping, and interacting with professionals in the equine industry. 

Getting together to learn & Compete

Pony Clubs from all over the country gather to learn, prepare for certifications and compete. Team competition is a fun, strong bonding experience and an important part of Pony Club’s education and training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to own a horse?

Ownership of a horse or pony is not a prerequisite for membership. If you do not own a horse, we can introduce you to members and friends who loan and/or lease suitable horses for lessons or other programs. Arrangements for obtaining a suitable mount is the responsibility of the parents.  

What are the age requirements to join?

Youth as young as five may join the Park City Pony Club.  Members are considered youth members until December 31st of the year they turn 25. Adult members are classified as Horsemasters and are any individual aged 25 and above.

How much of a time commitment are parents required to make?

Pony Club involves a substantial time commitment, but spending time helping your child (and other children) learn and grow is an excellent investment in the future! As a USPC parent, you join more than 3,000 volunteers working at the club, regional and national levels. 

Parents are strongly encouraged to attend every club meeting as well as every event that their child participates in. They often volunteer their time to fill in gaps, such as helping to build and set up jumps at a rally, and operating food concessions.

How safe are Pony Club activities?

Safety is a cornerstone of USPC.

Volunteers, parents, staff & our Pony Club youth themselves, make safety a priority. The USPC Safety Committee is charged with promoting and overseeing safe practices for riding and working with horses. In addition, members of the Safety Committee educate both children and their parents in accident prevention.


For parents, this means that a group of dedicated, nationally-known safety experts approve USPC programs and activities before they are put into practice. 

What does Pony Club cost to join?

When you join Park City Pony Club, you become a member of the National Organization, USPC, a regional division (ours is the Intermountain Region) and a local club or center (Park City!)


Membership runs yearly January 1 through December 31. 


Membership fees and application process can be found here.  

Will Pony Club replace my child's regular riding lessons?


Most members take riding lessons in addition to Pony Club.


The Pony Club program is designed to be a supplement to any other formal individual training a member is receiving.

What is a rally?

Members have the opportunity to learn about horses and their care through the Pony Club formal instructional program. Although Pony Club emphasizes instruction over competition, members do compete with one another at club, regional and national rallies. The term “rally” is used because Pony Club competitions are not merely competitive; they’re educational, too. At Pony Club rallies, there is very little help from parents. Teammates help each other (with qualified adults nearby). An important part of each rally is horse care, which is judged and is highly competitive.

Where can I sign my child up for riding lessons?
PCPC Members take lessons at the following facilities:
Do parents need to "know" horses?

No, they don't need to "know" horses, but they will be involved. Clubs are administered by the parents and other adult volunteers in the area, so parents play a critical role in the experience each child has within their club or center. Club parents help out in many ways, some of which include providing food at meetings or competitions, transportation to field trip, assisting with fundraising projects, chaperoning your team and much more.